Cerys Love PsyD-The Love Rule

Cerys Love PsyD – Television Series – The Love Rule – Episode 11 – Chapter 10 – The Final rEvolution

I intend The Love Rule to be our new narrative that will enable us to thrive individually and collectively. Yes, it is actually extremely old – and versions of it are universal – but I see that as strengths. A pragmatic minimalist’s dream! What hasn’t happened, what is new, is actually translating Jesus’ statement into the tapestry of our lives in the here and now – actually evoking a new, detailed narrative for the world as we want it to be, so we can make it so….

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Editor's Notes The latest neuroscience as well as the latest bio-psycho-social-spiritual research illustrate that loving something bigger than ourselves, loving ourselves, and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves in that order truly is all humanity needs to flourish. The concept is over 2000 years old - and yet is as rEvolutionary and relevant now as it was then - regardless of what you believe or don't believe about its author. As a pragmatic minimalist pulling the latest research thread in search of truth about optimal relationships with self and humanity, this doctor of clinical psychology is surprised to find that scientific thread circling back to this concept. It is not new. It is not sexy. What works is the point - and as a philosophical theoretical foundation for clinical as well as social psychology theory, and then as an applied concept for psychotherapy blended with experiential therapy, this works with elegant simplicity.


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